What we do not fund

The Trust is unlikely to fund:

• Advocacy
• Animal welfare
• Campaigning or lobbying
• Capital projects or developments
• Community transport organisations or services, air ambulances, requests for vehicles
• Conferences and Seminars
• Counselling and psychotherapy services
• Drug abuse or alcoholism rehabilitation
• Educational projects linked to the National Curriculum
• Endowments
• Exhibitions
• Expeditions and overseas travel
• Feasibility studies
• Festivals (other than those dedicated to the arts)
• General and round-robin appeals
• Grant-making organisations
• Individuals
• Large national charities
• Local or national authorities
• Prisons
• Medical Research
• NHS hospitals for operational services
• Nurseries and Playgroups (other than those for special needs children)
• Organisations that are not Registered Charities (or accepted as Exempt Charities)
• Projects taking place or benefiting people outside the UK
• Recordings and commissioning of new works
• Religious causes and activities
• Routine maintenance of religious or historic buildings
• Sport
• Statutory services including state schools (other than those for pupils with disabilities)
• Umbrella organisations
• Universities, Further Education Colleges, and Independent Schools (other than those dedicated to the arts)

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Recent grants from the Trust have been supporting Sirona’s activities in Totnes for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.