What do you mean by ‘officially recognised’ charitable status?

We will only make grants to Registered, Exempt or Excepted charities.

‘Registered’ charities comprises charities in the United Kingdom that are registered

Definition of Exempt charities
Definition of Excepted charities

Do you have application deadlines?

The Trustees meet three times a year, usually in March, July and November to agree awards. Please apply in plenty of time ahead of the deadline if possible as the Trust is always overwhelmed with applications, with many submitted on the closing date, and we may not be able to fully assess all last-minute applications ahead of the meeting. Project applications should have a start date of at least three months after the meeting date as grants awarded will be paid up to a month after the meeting, or longer if conditions apply. If you have already secured at least 75% of project funding, you are welcome to apply if the start date is within the three-month limit but please note the Trustees will not award retrospective funding which may reduce the amount they feel able to award. Our application process can take between three and six months depending on when you submit your application. The next grant-making meeting takes place on 29th October 2024 and, for this meeting, applications will close on 24th September 2024.

What size of grant do you give?

Our grant range is usually within £500 – £6,000.

If our application has been turned down when can we re-apply?

We ask charities that have been unsuccessful in their application to wait 2 years before re-applying to us.

What are your reporting requirements?

We require all recipients of our grants to report their progress to us no later than one year after their grant was awarded, using our online reporting form. A link to this form will be emailed when your report is due. If you wish to submit your report earlier than this, please contact us and we will send you the link to your reporting form.

If we have received a one-off grant when can we re-apply? 

Once the grant report has been submitted to us and if eligible, a charity can reapply for further support. The grant report should be received at least two weeks prior to a new application. We do not make more than one grant in any one financial year, or for more than three consecutive years.

How long are your grants awarded for?

The majority of our grants are one-off grants for one year.

How are grants paid? 

Grants will be paid directly into your charity’s bank account by BACS. Payment will usually take place within 30 days after a grant decision has been made.

Can we acknowledge grants from The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust? 

We are happy for you to acknowledge a grant from The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust. Please email [email protected] to request our logo.

What is the Financial Declaration?

The Financial Declaration is a statement to confirm that the charity is aware of and supports the application that is being made. This is a required field on the application form. A copy of the application will also be emailed to this person. This cannot be the same person who is completing the application form.